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Legend of the Seeker Season 2

Episode 2.22 - Tears

Legend of the Seeker - Tears
Air Date: 05/22/2010
Directed By: Mark Beesley
Written By: Ken Biller & Stephen Tolkin
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In the second season finale, Richard's last desperate attempt to save the world of the living brings him face-to-face with his greatest enemy, while Kahlan may be forced to kill the man she loves.

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Episode Review #1

by Tammy
I was hoping the series would go out with a bang but instead it seemed to settle on a whimper and a fizzle. About twenty minutes into the season (series) finale, I couldn’t help but wonder if the scripwriters were purposely trying to not get the show renewed because in approximately 43 minutes (when you don’t count commercials), we got rid of the alternate reality, handily fixed Cara’s “brokenness,” met the Keeper, saw Nicci, Darken Rahl AND Sister Verna, confessed the Mother Confessor, blinded the Seeker, killed Nicci, UNconfessed the Mother Confessor and saved the world. And did I mention that the Seeker dies?? Wow, I just confused myself writing that sentence, let alone watching all of it happen last night.

We left Kahlan and Zedd last week in the process of reversing the Spell of Undoing on Cara when the Mord’Sith Dahlia shows up and kills Cara. When things are starting to look rather bleak for them though, Kahlan and Zedd are able to quickly gain the upper-hand on Dahlia – and since Cara is now dead, Zedd decides to perform the Spell of Undoing (again) on Dahlia this time, thinking that if SHE was never turned into a Mord’Sith, then Cara wouldn’t now be dead because there would be no trusty Mord’Sith for Darken Rahl to command.

And voilà! Zedd’s plan is a success and things revert back to the current reality (see what I mean about the entire alternate reality being pointless then since nothing useful was accomplished??), and Cara is once again our favorite sarcastic but good Mord’Sith. So was Cara ever broken? Did the last two, three episodes even happen? But apparently we don’t care so onward to the Pillars of Creation we go!

The veil is slowly tearing through the World of the Living though, and Richard ends up being separated from the others when they are unable to follow him across a widening chasm. Richard continues on so that he will be able to get the Stone of Tears to the Pillars in time while the others must try to find another way to follow him.

Nicci is also on a personal vendetta of her own, and after giving Darken Rahl a rather scathingly hot bath – who tells her that she must protect his little brother so that the Keeper won’t win and come after him – she sets out to find the Seeker. She comes upon Kahlan, Cara, and Zedd but when Kahlan thinks to confess Nicci to use her powers to help Richard, Nicci ends up turning Kahlan’s own Han against her, confessing Kahlan to her will. I’m sorry; even SHOTA fears Kahlan for her powers and suddenly a mere former Sister of the Dark has the ability to confess the Mother Confessor?!?

Zedd and Cara are now forced to chase after Kahlan and Nicci, and it is puke-worthy to see Kahlan fawn all over her mistress now. It turns out that Nicci wants to use Kahlan to confess Richard so that he will create the next generation with her after the World of the Living is destroyed. Kahlan is only too happy to oblige her newfound mistress in this plan. In an attempt to slow down Richard, Nicci uses her magic to send shards of glass into his eyes, instantly blinding the Seeker.

Sister Verna finds out that the Creator has passed down a new prophecy in which the Keeper will appear in the face of a child and the Seeker will be blindly led by this hand (Great job, Nicci). And lo and behold, Richard does indeed save a cute and innocent-looking boy by the name of Declan.

Cara and Zedd are able to catch up to Kahlan and Nicci but although Cara kills Nicci, Kahlan is still under confession because it was her own magic that confessed her to Nicci – which means that Kahlan must die in order to be freed from her confession. Unfortunately, when Nicci was being ambushed by the Mord’Sith that Darken Rahl had sent to help Richard, Kahlan went into the Con Dar and now is uncontrollable. She races after Richard, intercepting him and Declan right as they are nearing the Pillars of Creation. The Sisters of the Dark appear, and Richard fearing for Kahlan’s safety, hands the Stone of Tears to Declan, asking him to take it to the Pillars.

Under the Con Dar, Kahlan easily dispatches the Sisters and angrily turns to Richard, attempting to confess him. When she finds out what he has done, Kahlan screams at him that he has fulfilled the prophecy – and then stabs him in the heart with her own dagger. As Richard falls, he gasps out that he knows that this isn’t her… and that he loves her. And when the Seeker dies, Kahlan is freed from her confession and stares at his lifeless body in horror, crying his name.

Cara and Zedd arrive, and she gives the Breath of Life to Richard. As Zedd watches, a single tear falls from Kahlan’s eyes – and becomes another Stone of Tears. Realizing that they still have a shot, they hurry to place that stone amongst the Pillars and the rifts between the two worlds are sealed, imprisoning the Keeper/Declan in his Underworld again.

Nicci is revived by Darken Rahl’s Mord’Sith, and she clutches at the Rada’Han now encircling her neck. Darken Rahl smiles smugly at her; he has major plans for her now but will start by drawing her a nice, warm bath…

Zedd heals Richard’s eyes and Kahlan cannot apologize enough for previously killing him. When they wonder why Kahlan’s confession had not worked on Richard (I think it was probably because he was blind but it seems like they are FINALLY pulling out the true love card here), Zedd tells them that it was the same reason she was freed from the Con Dar when Richard died. It was also the same reason why she was able to create another Stone of Tears – because there is nothing greater than the power of love. Looking at one another with love in their eyes, Kahlan and Richard embrace each other passionately under the amused eyes of Zedd and Cara.

So Legend is essentially over now and I cannot believe that this is how we ended it. Yes, while it is great that Richard and Kahlan are finally able to be officially together (at least, I think they can now), the cheesiness of Zedd’s last line was just too much to swallow. Additionally, we essentially wasted the last 3-4 episodes because not only did they not accomplish anything for the overall plotline, they were all virtually erased by Zedd’s Spell of Undoing on Dahlia. I was seriously wondering whether or not the entire series would just be erased and we would be left with a series finale that started at the very beginning of Richard Cypher’s journey.

Don’t get me wrong; I will miss Legend of the Seeker. But given how the series finale went – and the second season overall – I am not at all surprised that the show was not able to find a network, and hope that both Bridget and Craig will be able to find something in the future that can showcase their amazing acting abilities in their entirety. And on the positive side, this is not the end of Richard and Kahlan’s story as Terry Goodkind will be starting an entirely new trilogy on our beloved Seeker and Mother Confessor!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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Episode Review #2

by Jensen
I must say that I disagree with my counterparts, as I believe that this episode was rather magnificent. Though not as intertwined, detailed, or complicated as the LOST series finale, we must acknowledge that when this episode was filmed, the cast, crew, and any others involved, believed that they would be getting a season three. I am still confused as to why they did not get one, as this show is incredible. But, enough of my personal opinion, onto the show.

We begin with a recap of the last two episodes and any details that are crucial for anyone just tuning in, and then we begin with Kahlan and Zedd standing at the mercy of the Mord-Sith Darken Rahl sent after Cara, his brother’s wife, and his brother’s grandfather. Zedd and Kahlan hold a whispered conversation and Zedd is able, with Kahlan’s help, to subdue the Mord-Sith and capture Dahlia. He is convinced that if he can “undo” Dahlia, then Cara will be back to normal and then they do not need to “Breath of Life” Cara and start at the beginning. Kahlan agrees- grudgingly- and Zedd begins. Cue the amazing special effects to spin the screen, cue Kahlan’s speculative look to the sky, and then Zedd is standing on a “desert” plain. He uses his wizard’s fire and then looks around, but only sees Richard and Kahlan. He begins to scream for Cara, who appears and is back to her snarky self. “I appreciate the concern wizard, but it takes more than a few banelings to be a threat to me.” The trio asks what is up and Zedd replies that everything is fine now. At the same time, Nicci reappears (with a better hair-do so I guess freedom is treating her alright) and decides to boil Darken Rahl’s bath in order to get Richard’s location. Rahl orders his Mord-Sith to follow and protect Richard because their interests are aligned.

They continue toward the Pillars of Creation, since the solstice is the day-after-tomorrow, but the Keeper decides to put a rift in their way (after the Sisters of the Dark are nice enough to inform him of the Seeker’s travel plans). Richard is able to jump over- his jump quota is met for the episode- but the other three have to find another way across. Richard continues forward and finds a town, but everyone has been killed. He finds a little boy named Declan and saves him. Though Richard leaves him, promising to return, the boy is fine. Why you ask, well the “boy” is actually the Keeper in a boy’s body (the Creator is a girl’s boy was creepy, no doubt, but this is just insane and cruel… especially since the little boy was really adorable) and he orders the Sisters of the Dark who find him to prevent the Mother Confessor’s heart from beating. Declan goes after Richard, claiming that he was scared, and Richard puts him on his shoulders and continues forward.

Meanwhile, back in the desert, the Mord-Sith, Mother Confessor, and Wizard have found a way around the rift when Nicci appears. She tries to fire some magic but Cara makes magic irrelevant so Nicci is subdued. When Kahlan goes to confess her though, Nicci turns the power back on itself and Kahlan is confessed to herself. Zedd whisks himself and Cara away while the MC and Nicci follow Richard. Zedd and Cara meet up with the Mord-Sith and after pwning on the “leader” Cara leads them after Kahlan. They reach the village to find that Kahlan has successfully proven that Nicci is the butch in the relationship, cut up her hands, shattered some glass, and helped Nicci to blind Richard. They also annihilate the monk that tells them of a new prophecy. Course, this is after Nicci says she wants Richard’s body for the generations made in their “image”. The Mord-Sith come out after Cara pulls off the impossible shot and nails Nicci in the throat. Kahlan Con-Dars and drags her “mistress” away after ordering the Mord-Sith to kill one another. Nicci orders Kahlan to go after Richard for the Stone (because it is the Philosopher’s Stone now and gives eternal life) and dies. Zedd and Cara hope that Kahlan has come out of the Con-Dar and that she is herself but she tries to confess them before riding after Richard. Cara cannot bring herself to shoot Kahlan ( to bring her out of her own confession and then Breath-of-Life her), which she calls weakness, but Zedd says is what they are fighting for. “The preservation of life, not the ability to snuff it out at will.”

Richard gets blinded and Declan has to lead him along. Turns out, that Verna has been busy running from the Prelate and so she almost nails the Sister of the Light that comes after her with the newest prophecy. To cut it short, Richard will be blindly led by the Keeper in a child’s body. So Verna goes to some of her monk pals and asks that they go help Richard and kill the boy. Well, when the Keeper trips up leading Richard, a monk tries to kill him but Richard protects him… I have never wanted Richard to be too late before but I did this time. Anyhow, so Richard gets to the Pillars and Kahlan shows up, in the Con-Dar, but the Sisters of the Dark materialize and try to kill her. Richard hands the Stone to Declan (NOOOOOO!) and goes to be- and I liked this analogy- DareDevil and is able to help Kahlan in schooling the Sisters of the Dark. Course, Kahlan tries to confess Richard but she fails (and in her PMS-irrationality) she does not understand but continues to ask for the Stone. Richard tells her what happened and since she can see, she watches as Declan descends into the nearest rift. This is where she accuses Richard of fulfilling the Prophecy and stabs him in the heart because she cannot save her mistress.

Richard gasps for breath, tells Kahlan that he knows “she” did not do this, and says he loves her before he dies. This brings Kahlan out of the Con-Dar as the world begins to go to Hell (literally) and begins to cry over Richard’s body, hoping she missed or her knife was affected but I guess that is what happens when you are good at ridding yourself of the enemy. Zedd and Cara show up and Kahlan cries for help because she killed him and we must acknowledge the understanding of the group because no one asks any questions. Cara Breath-of-Lifes Richard while Zedd picks up the Stone that formed from Kahlan’s tears over Richard. Richard gets up and the four run for the Pillars, because they might still have time. AS the world collapses, Kahlan leads Richard, helps him place the Stone on the Pillar, and then the light hits it. As it does, golden light sweeps the world, seals all of the rifts, and the last shot of the Underworld has Declan screaming as his world goes dark again.

Zedd heals Richard’s eyes and his first view is of Kahlan- how appropriate. They kiss and Kahlan apologizes but Richard says forget about it, what is a moral stabbing amongst friends right? Zedd explains that the reason Richard was not confessed and the reason Kahlan came out of the Con-Dar and out of her own confession was because Love is the most powerful magic of all. (Take a shot all, the last of the season.) Our lovebirds hug as the Mord-Sith and Wizard look on, and the world is saved.

However, Nicci has been revived by the Breath of Life and finds a Rada-Han around her neck. Darken stands before her and says that she will be doing a lot for him, after he treats her to a bath.

Too bad about this all ending. I thought it was a fantastic run and except for Touched, Wizard, Fury, Creator, and Walter, All the episodes were superb. There were those things that sucked about this but when has there been a show where an episode or five suck? I loved this show and I am sad to see it go… but at least we will have the DVD’s right?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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