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Legend of the Seeker Season 2

Episode 2.14 - Bound

Legend of the Seeker - Bound
Air Date: 03/20/2010
Directed By: Chris Martin-Jones
Written By: Arika Lisanne Mittman & Nicki Paluga
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When Sister Nicci casts a powerful spell on Kahlan, linking their fates, Richard is forced to protect the evil sorceress while Kahlan has to confront her past in an attempt to break the spell.

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Episode Review #1

by Tammy
After a three week hiatus, we finally had a new episode of Seeker and I had been waiting for this one nervously because it was a plot line taken straight from the books. However, although I cringed at certain scenes, I did like this episode because it followed closely the spirit of the Sword of Truth series – and also gave me another reason to despise Nicci although it is not as if I needed anymore.

In an attempt to gain favor back with the Keeper and control the Seeker, Sister Nicci magically binds herself to Kahlan with a Maternity Spell – whatever happens to Nicci will also happen to Kahlan. Now that Kahlan’s life is dependent on Nicci’s survival, Richard must do everything he can to protect his enemy while the others race to break the spell on Kahlan.

Nicci has lost her favor with the Keeper and the other Sisters of the Dark turn against her, plotting to kill her and then take her Han. Seeing a way to gain her former position back, Nicci decides to use the Mother Confessor as her bargaining chip to get the Seeker to take her to the Stone of Tears. However, the magnitude of casting a Maternity Spell requires all of Nicci’s Han and she is now left defenseless against the other Sisters. Going to Richard, she warns him that she is not above sacrificing her own life if it means taking the Mother Confessor with her to see the Keeper. Seeing no choice, Richard accompanies Nicci with the compass.

In order to break the Maternity Spell, another bond must be reestablished – the bond that Kahlan has with her own mother. While Zedd can summon her spirit back to save Kahlan, an essential ingredient of the counterspell requires a precious object of the deceased. Realizing that all of her mother’s possessions were left with her father, Kahlan and the others set out to find him although given her childhood, she is understandably less than happy to seek him out.

While the Sisters of the Dark pursue Richard and Nicci, Kahlan and the others find her father in a prison. The tension between the two is palpable and it is obvious to see how much it pains Kahlan to ask her father for help. When Zedd explains what they need from Frederick, he bargains with Kahlan – a word from the Mother Confessor will instantly clear him from all blame; perhaps if she does so, then he could helpfully guide them to where her mother’s possessions are? Kahlan is sickened but faced with no choice, she agrees to release him.

Meanwhile, Richard has his own hands full trying to protect the manipulative Nicci who is not being the most cooperative of traveling companions. Knowing that she has Richard trapped with Kahlan’s life in her hands, she treats her own body carelessly and pushes herself harder to find the Stone of Tears. When Richard attempts to backtrack in the middle of the night to help an elderly couple that she had ordered him to ignore, Nicci proceeds to go the nearest tavern and drink herself into oblivion. Not stopping there though, she propositions herself to a man and then demands him to start beating her. Again, as if I already did not have enough reason to hate Nicci.

Unfortunately, at this precise moment, Kahlan is engaged in battle with the guards on her father’s previous estate. The others rush to help her but they are outnumbered and Kahlan is unable to focus on her opponent as she is feeling the punches that Nicci herself is sickenly relishing. As Kahlan falls and is almost sinking into unconsciousness, the guard raises her sword on her – and is struck down by her father saving her. Cara rushes to Kahlan who is horrified as she senses what is happening to her body – Nicci smiles smugly at the man lying on top of her, waiting for him to continue – and Richard rushes into the room. Ripping the man off of Nicci, Richard is prepared to beat the crap out of him but the man quickly explains that he was just doing what the lady was telling him to do.

“What kind of a monster are you?!”

Nicci warns Richard that this is the price of him not obeying her; she knows that he went back to try to help that elderly couple even though she had told him not to. Because of him, Kahlan’s blood is now on his hands. Leaning in seductively, Nicci whispers to Richard; however, perhaps he would like to make Kahlan feel all better now?

Richard cannot fathom why Nicci has turned out this way and Nicci in a rare moment of humanity, explains to him that she once wholeheartedly served the Creator. However, when she was trying to prove herself as a Sister of the Light, she was raped by a prisoner that she was trying to help. When she had informed the Prelate of what had happened, the Prelate had told her to give the gift of forgiveness to him. Struggling to do so, Nicci fell prey again to the same prisoner. That same night, she dreamed of the Keeper coming to her and showing the prisoner’s death – that he would protect her as long as she served him instead. Nicci then returned to the prison cell and slit the prisoner’s throat, and officially became a Sister of the Dark. Although sympathizing with Nicci, Richard tells her that her power is hers alone. It does not belong to the Keeper and nor does it belong to the Creator; it is hers to do with as she wants.

Meanwhile, Frederick has given Kahlan her mother’s belongings, specifically pointing out the matching necklace and earrings he bought for her at her and Denee’s births. Frederick explains to Kahlan that he had someone he loved but was unable to propose to her after becoming confessed. Although he understands now that he had no right to treat his daughters the way he did, Kahlan needs to understand the fear that he had lived under – that under a single touch by one of his daughters, his very life could be destroyed again.

The next day, Nicci wakes up to realize that she has been bitten by a magical spider sent by a Sister; she will only have a few hours left to live at most. Knowing that they are probably walking into a trap but given no choice, she and Richard rush to the only cave that has the known antidote. As Kahlan weakens at the same time, Richard and Nicci arrive at the cave only to have Nicci finally succumb to the poison. Quickly squeezing the antidote onto Nicci’s wound, Richard screams at her to fight and not give up, knowing that Kahlan is also slowly dying. When it seems like Nicci is fading, Richard gathers her close in an attempt to hold Kahlan, hoping that she would be able to hear his final words to her. Whispering how much he loves her, Richard asks Kahlan if she is able to feel him holding her, feel his kisses on her face. And as Richard kisses Nicci, she slowly wakes up, kissing him back. Richard is elated to know that this means that Kahlan is still alive although it is clear that his excitement does not extend to Nicci. However, the Sisters have now arrived and are slowly filling the cave with poisonous gas.

Zedd hurriedly casts the counterspell and summons Kahlan’s mom’s spirit, breaking the Maternity Spell with their reestablished bond. Nicci gains her Han back and easily kills the four Sisters, also taking their Han for her own. As Richard is preparing to battle Nicci to the death, Nicci responds that he is of more use to her alive since it is prophesied that he will deliver the Stone to the enemy of the Light, leaving him standing there.

Kahlan and her father have now reached a new understanding and she returns her mother’s belongings to him. Leaving Kahlan with the necklace and earrings, Frederick tells Kahlan that he will start a new life – not because the Mother Confessor told him to but because his daughter asked him to.

Richard quickly meets back with Kahlan and the others, and the two joyously embrace each other. Richard apologizes to Kahlan for everything that she had to endure and Kahlan responds that it does not matter as long as he is all right. However, Nicci is still out there now even more powerful than before.

Darken Rahl visits Nicci, informing her that the Keeper is even more disappointed in her now than before. Nicci tells Darken Rahl to inform the Keeper that she no longer works for him; she will only serve herself and no other now.

I knew that they were probably going to turn Nicci “good” after having her spend so much time with Richard. And because her character is too tempting to use as another distraction between Kahlan and Richard. Although her background is a pitiful one, I still absolutely despise her for what she tried to do to Kahlan. We will have to see how she is used in later episodes; a part of me hopes that this is the last we’ve seen of her but something tells me that is probably highly unlikely.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Episode Review #2

by Jensen
It took me three days to read Faith of the Fallen. I enjoyed having the book cut into one episode, made even better because there was not a long political discussion disguised as... okay maybe not disguised and not too bad but having Richard be so awesome that he could learn how to carve stone. (Maybe that was why Kahlan's father was supposed to be a stone carver, a little homage... like the chipmunk comment in Light.) But onto the episode:

The story begins with Nicci running into a little bit of trouble with her sisters, because they decided to turn on her and tried to kill her. (Because her failing miserably made them look bad in the eyes of Keeper... why he cares about who actually fails if the job eventually gets done?) Well the last four sisters have killed enough people to have it be forty-on-one but they still fail because Nicci is still able to out-smart them. Moving forward, Nicci is able to cast a maternity spell, after Darken Rahl helps her figure that capturing the life of the Mother Confessor can enable her to get the Stone of Tears, and goes to visit the traveling quad. When Cara captures Nicci she decides to take some vengeance out on her, Kahlan pays the price.

Nicci tells Richard that if he does not help her find the Stone of Tears, she will bite down on the poisonous stone (the same one they used last season for Jensen but she was not able to bite down so…) and the Mother Confessor will be greeting the Keeper with Nicci. Richard agrees and sets off with Nicci (without kissing Kahlan goodbye… some boyfriend) and they go to try and find the Stone. On their journey, they run into a field of Dragon’s Breath (the fantasy version of a mine field) and are able to escape the four following sisters (and one is lost to the mine field… for all the brilliance and powers they have, they are pretty dumb) but Nicci gets injured. Richard and Nicci go to a nearby farm to get Nicci treated- because the spell requires too much magic, Nicci is unable to use her han- and Richard wants to help the farmers get rid of snake vine but they are unable to stay… because Nicci believes that delaying the inevitable (death and suffering). They get an inn and Richard returns to help the farmers but the snake vine has already killed them and infested the house. Nicci realizes that he has gone and begins trying to drink herself into a stupor and then orders a man to begin beating her.

When Richard comes to her rescue, he realizes what a monster she is but barely has time to recognize this fact as a poisonous spider bites NIcci and they have to find the cure in some caves that they passed (because then the sister can spring their trap). Richard is able to get Nicci there but she is already touching death and he only gets her the antidote in time to have a short scene where he is kissing Nicci’s dying body, hoping that Kahlan can feel it. Nicci is revived (kissed by the prince or is it the antidote? We will never know) and as the Sisters of the Dark attempt to poison them in the cave, the maternity spell is severed and Nicci kills the three remaining sisters, stealing their hans and getting her eyes to glow. (It is reminiscent of the glow technique employed by the science fiction show Stargate for their eight-year bad guys- the goa’uld.) Richard is released while Nicci meets with Darken Rahl and tell him that he can tell the Keeper to bite it. (Richard’s little conversation that “your life is yours” got to her.) She is still roaming free and no the slave to no one… uh oh!

Kahlan and the others go after severing the maternity spell by reengaging the maternity link with Kahlan’s mother. The bad part is, Kahlan’s father kept all of Kahlan’s mother’s things… the horrible man that enslaved his daughters once he was released from confession. They have to rescue him from jail, as much as Kahlan wanted to keep him there, and they head toward her father’s estate. They wait until nightfall, leaving time for Cara to tell Kahlan that she once thought the worst of her father but was proven wrong. Kahlan’s response is that unlike Cara, she saw what her father did and endured it; Kahlan is finding it hard to forgive the man.

That night, they go to where Kahlan’s father hid the valuables only to have Kahlan incapacitated (because Nicci is getting beaten) but her father saves her life. They escape the scene, with the valuables but have to wait for morning for the spell to work. Kahlan and her father take a moment to discuss what happened to her father (he was engaged and wanted to be a stone carver when Kahlan’s mother confessed him when he served his time with the dragon corps… gross!) and find a necklace and matching earrings that were gifts for the birth of Kahlan and her sister.

Morning comes and Kahlan awakes to a spider bite that is causing her to slowly lose consciousness. Before she blacks out she tells Cara to tell Richard not to blame himself (Cara’s face was absolutely phenomenal because she looked as though she was asked to swallow a rock, it was either shock or disbelief that she would have to do something impossible… so unlike her) and her father holds her hand. Kahlan comes to and gets to speak shortly with her mother, and reestablish the maternity bond with her mother before the spirit is lost. Her mother does tell her that Kahlan’s heart is strong enough to be the guide Kahlan needs to be the best she can be. (How inspirational and yet horribly clichéd.)

They head on their way and meet Richard (and we find that Zedd conveniently spelled Richard’s shoes to follow him) and our couple gets to kiss for a moment. Cara gets her remark in (You seem to be all in one piece) and they head off to find the Stone… and meet the creator next week.

I enjoyed the shortening of a good, but long, book and the episode resolved an issue that they created in the show without making Kahlan this god-like giver of forgiveness. She may be the Mother Confessor, but she is still human and I like how they keep that… all of these characters are human while doing super-human things. And Kahlan’s father, scum without even doing anything incredibly scumbag worthy. Kept to character… like that.

I did not enjoy how Nicci is now worse than ever but we all know that eventually, Richard is going to nail her with a dacra and gets his powers back… he will need them for season three.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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