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Kahlan Amnell (Bridget Regan)

Legend of the Seeker - Kahlan Amnell
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Played by: Bridget Regan
Occupation: Confessor

Kahlan Amnell is a major character in Legend of the Seeker.
Kahlan Amnell appears in Legend of the Seeker season 1.
Kahlan Amnell appears in Legend of the Seeker season 2.

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Character Description

Excerpt from Legendoftheseeker.com:

She is one of an ancient order of magical women known as Confessors. Her people are sworn to find the truth, no matter how hard someone may try to hide it. But Kahlan herself is a woman of many secrets. And her mission was to locate the Seeker, the one prophesized to defeat Darken Rahl, an evil ruler trying to enslave all in his dominion. Kahlan risked everything to find Richard Cypher. But what she didn’t expect was to develop feelings for him.

With a single touch, Kahlan can make anyone confess the truth. And she can command any man to do her bidding. However, those who confess to Kahlan also fall hopelessly in love with her. It is her power. It is what makes people in the Midlands respect Kahlan. Fear her. And it is Kahlan’s curse, for she finds herself drawn to Richard, as he does to her. But theirs is a love that can never be fulfilled. For Kahlan must endure the lonely life of a Confessor. And her purpose is to make certain Richard realizes the destiny of the Seeker, to stop the ruthless Darken Rahl. Nothing else matters for Kahlan, not even her own happiness.

Cast Biography

Film, television and stage actress Bridget Regan stars as the beautiful and mysterious Kahlan in “Legend of the Seeker,” the new first-run, live action epic fantasy series premiering the weekend of November 1st in national syndication.

Regan most recently appeared in the “Sex and the City” movie and her other film credits include “The Babysitters” and “Binders.” She has had recurring roles on the television series “Six Degrees,” “The Black Donnelly’s” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and made guest appearances on “New Amsterdam” and “Love Monkey.” From December 2007 through March of this year, Regan starred on Broadway as Cecile in the comedy “Is He Dead?”

A native of Carlsbad, California, Regan relocated to New York City to pursue her acting career upon graduating from North Carolina School of the Arts. In her spare time, Regan enjoys cooking and horseback riding and she plans to take up surfing while shooting “Legend of the Seeker” in New Zealand.

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